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Tadjemedia has many years experience and knowledge in web design principles and web site promotion. Tadjemedia's background was in graphic design and it wasn't until the mid 90's when we had to switch from doing all our work by hand to designing with computers. At that time the internet was young and with our layout design experience we began to get requests for web sites. Around 1998 our focus shifted from printed media, although it's still a major part of our work, to web site design and development.

Having a graphically interesting web site doesn't mean anything if it cannot be found. or doesn't achieve the goal you had in mind when you first wanted a web site, ie does your ecommerce site convert to sales or your e-learning site effectively teach a skill? Weather the purpose of your web site is converting clicks into sales or clicks in to an education, designing visually appealing web sites that are functional and have a high conversion rate is our goal.

When we create a web site we start by finding what type of information you are trying to communicate. From there we build our visual layout through graphic communication with an emphasis placed on informative content. Customer may requests certain design elements for their web site our experience in web site design will be able to put those elements in so they may work with browsers and search engine have effective results. We we be available throughout the creation process for consultation and after.

Tadjemedia offers more than just web design

  • HTML and database driven web pages with emphasis on informative content, and the delivery of the content to your visitors
  • Customized/optimized meta tags are created for every web page
  • Fast loading, visitor friendly web site designs that are cross browser compliant and search engine friendly
  • Animation, CSS, Javascript, PHP programming and Form pages with corresponding CGI or pearl script as required by your hosting server
  • Web site promotion experience and knowledge
  • Site consultation services
  • Each web site we design is an original that's aesthetically appealing, cross-browser compatible, and search engine friendly. We only design sites based on templates when the customer requests it. The sites we design are unique to the web site owner with custom graphics, animation and video, and are fast loading. We keep all clients informed of the status of their design project with mock layouts and test pages so you will know exactly what your site looks like before it ever goes live.

    Whether you already have an established business, starting an online business, or you need to put your business information or products online, Tadjemedia will design an appropriate web site for you.

    Some Examples of Currenlty Active Web Sites Using My Work


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    Table-Tennis-Tables.com is an ecommerce site for everything tabletennis. Table tennis tables take up a lot of space and not many sporting goods stores can desplay all the different table models. Tadjemedia designed the site for visitors to easily find the differences between the models.


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    HighAltitude2U is an ecommerce site for mountaineering gear and directory of all ski resorts in the U.S. Tadjemedia designed it for easy visitor functionality and search engine optimization so it's easy to find in search engines and looks pleasing to the visitor. The Site uses ZenCart and WordPress as content management systems.


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    HomeRecreationDirect.com is an ecommerce site for indoor activities such as billiards and foosball. Tadjemedia designed it for easy visitor navigation and search engine optimization.

    White Oaks Crossing

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    White Oaks Crossing is a development community in Missouri that needed a promotional web site to match the over all look and feel of their printed materials to show home buyers all they had to offer. The web site features a photo gallery of residents of the community enjoying the fine amenities of White Oaks Crossing.

    Some Examples From Web Sites That are No Longer Active or No Longer Using My Work

    Kaftan Communities

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    Kaftan Communities is a real estate development and management company. Kaftan needed a web site with a conservative corporate look and feel, yet also needed web sites for each of its individual communities designed to reflect their unique style and look. These sites include www.KaftanCommunities.com www.stonebrookecondos.com, www.westburyvillagetownhomes.com and many others.

    Camden At Bloomingdale

    Camden at Bloomingdale is an upscale apartment community that wanted a Flash-based web site to show to potential residents. Since search engine listing were not a concern to the client, so the site consists of many uncommon visual effects.

    WXYZ Channel 7

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    Tadjemedia worked with channel 7 television in Detroit to create a web site featuring a streaming video web server that continually updates it's self after each news broadcast so the web site visitor can view a weeks worth of news shows.

    Robbins Table Tennis

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    Robbins Table Tennis is an ecommerce site that grew from a pre-internet mail order company to the leading online seller of table tennis equipment. Once their web site was established Tadjemedia has continued to maintain everything from product addition to search engine optimization.


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    Tadjemedia was approached to create a front end ecommerce web site that uses the "Site Link" shopping cart. Toys-That-Last uses animation and video demonstration to sell tricycles, ride on cars, rocking horses and other toys.

    Rochester Telemessaging Center

    The Rochester Telemessaging Center needed a promotional web site to match business identity. We used their brochures and other business materials to create a web site that highlights all aspects of their business.

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