Web Analytics

What search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaign has worked and resulted in a good ROI and what hasn't? This is a question you need to ask. You need to know how visitors find your web site and more importantly, you need to know the source of those visitors who ultimately "convert" to sales or any other action that's the end objective of your marketing efforts. You need to know how much it costs to deliver and convert each visitor. You need to know which campaign or strategy returns the highest ROI.

Tadjemedia's Web site Analytics Service works with the search engines directly, to measure your results, and, more importantly, to maximize your results. How? By breaking down your Web site statistics to a granular level and organizing campaigns into categories that have real meaning to your business:

• Cost per conversion by search engine and by keyword
• ROI on pay-per-click purchase through search engine by keyword
• ROI on natural search results by search engine and by keyword

After a thorough review of your Web site analytics, your dedicated Tadjemedia campaign management team advises you on which search engine marketing services are best serving your goals. We recommend which keywords to drop, which terms to test in their place and when to lower pay-per-click campaigns.

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