Time Based Media

One of the biggest complaints of online consumers is that they cannot see touch and feel the product. With film and video demonstration of the product, the consumer has a much better idea of the use and functionality of the product and service. Hollywood has shown us that film needs to be more that just sterile communication of information but it should be interesting entertaining, and exciting.

Some Examples


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Livin' was a student project of television commercial promoting a beverage. The video was shot on a canon XL 1S. The shoot took place in early spring on the back steps of the Detroit Institute of arts near the entrance to the Detroit Film Theater.

History of The World

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History of the world was one of the first video projects of Tadjemedia. The assignment was to tell a story with a series of pictures. I strung together pictures each, representing different stages of the world's creation and man's existence.

Michigan Velodrome

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Velodrome, what's that? A Velodrome is an oval shaped track similar to a track for jogging but banked on the sides and made from concrete or wood. Michigan Velodrome is a documentary of the development and creation of the first wooden Velodrome in southeastern michigan.

My Crazy

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My Crazy is a short film that tells a story of a businessman stuck in the city, who's daydreaming of being out on the trails riding his mountain bike. The film was shot at Poontiac Lake Recreation area and starred Gus Hemingway, the overall 1st place winner of the 2002 Michigan Mountain Biking Association expert class group.

Something To Eat

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Something to eat is another of Tadjemedia's earlier projects. The film is a short story of a couple looking for something to eat on a very low budget.

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