Print Media

Tadjemedia began in the early 90's with graphic design creating business cards, business cards quickly turned into business packs, and business packs turn into full color brochures. Today we are available to produce printed materials for any format you may need.

Some Examples

Matrix Business Pack

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Matrix Property management and development needed a harmonized look to represent their company, business card, letter head and envelope. Each item is alone color print with a reoccurring design elements & layouts so it will be easily recognized by their cliental.

Devonshire Village Brochure

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The Devonshire Village brochure is an 8 & 1/2 x 11 trifold two color brochure of an apartment complex with each of the apartment's floorplans, bullet points of the features, and a descriptive paragraph of the amenities of the property.

Storyboard Illustration

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What a joy it is in this digital world to have the chance to paint an illustration as seen here in this example of a storyboard section. This is a single frame from a storyboard of an establishing shot of a forest scene for a film.

Community Site Map

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A property development company had us create community site maps for each of their properties. These included each unit a list of features and contact information and were used as selling tools for their agents. The site maps were 11" x 17" and four color.

Bristol Park Duratran

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This large format back light Duratran was placed in the nearby mall displaying the features and amenities of living at Bristol Park Condominiums.


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