Pay Per Click Bid Management

Pay-Per-Click is the term referring to paying per each click for a top search engine listed custom written. You pay a fee every time a user clicks on your ad. The more you agree to pay-per-click for that keyword, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results. The major search engines each have their own PPC networks and distribute their ads to secondary search engines.

In 2015, online marketers spent $29 billion dollars on paid search advertising (Search Engine Land). That includes text, photo and video ads. It's important to maintain your pay-per-click advertising campaign so it does not become more expensive. We'll generate the quality and quantity keywords and phrases with corresponding ads. Plus, we ensure that this amount is consistent with your ROI goals. The higher you bid, the higher your searching engine ranking driving targeted traffic to your web site. In addition, we allow you to automatically maximize your bids maintaining top position, on top pay-per-click search engines such as Bing and Google Adwords. This achieves higher click through rates.

Tadj's experience you can feel secure that your budget is being managed wisely when we manage your pay-per-click campaigns. First we find which Pay-Per-Click networks convert the best for your industry. Other SEO firms will try to get you on every network, but that can lead to many wasted clicks. Second we research your industry and target audience to know the language used when searched online for your products and services ensuring that you are properly targeting relevant search terms. Additionally, we manage your pay-per-click campaign, testing keywords and measuring click-through rates finding your ROI by keyword and by PPC engine.

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