Logo Design

Logo design is the first component to brand idedntity. A good logo has to be simple and easy to identify.

Some Examples


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HighAltitude2U is an e-commerce store who needed a logo to show that they specialized in outdoor recreational equipment.

Detroit Table Tennis Company

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The Detroit Table Tennis Company wanted a logo that would have the feal of quality manufacturing and fun in table tennis.

Detro Table Tennis

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The Detro Table Tennis logo uses a city skyline to convey a urban feel.


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HippoSports is a website to show high school students their ranking. Although this logo is nolonger used this logo was to give the student the feeling that they were tought and strong.

Self-Made 4 Life

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Self Mmade for life was an appearl company with an urban apeal. The logo was to be loud andd in your face yet contained in a arrowhead.


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