Link Development

Tadjemedia has done a great deal of research into the ranking algorithms used by major search engines and and found that linkage data is a critical factor for ranking, in particular, when it comes to the more competitive keywords and phrases. When developing a link popularity campaign, be sure to be up front that you want links relevant to your industry that are gathered through ethical means - period. No networks. They can't be links from any directory listings or link exchange pages.

We specialize in "relevant link building" where as many of our competitors simply bill you for the laborious process of "link gathering" that any web programmer can do themselves. Relevant link building is quite different from link gathering because relevancy legitimizes your web site to search engines resulting in targeted traffic.

For example we offer our clients:

  • Specific number of static pages for links
  • Semantically sound content
  • Monthly reports. Plus we build your link page(s) if you don't already have one
  • Quick turnaround time - as many as 50 quality links added per month
  • We identify as many relevant web sites as possible that complement your web site. We do not use software. Thus, we do not spam and select the web sites that the search engines prefer. The more relevant links to your web site, the easier it is for search engine spiders to find you and the longer you'll remain indexed.

    Reciprocal linking equals success. A successful link campaign does not only include the work on your own web site, it also includes those web sites that link to your own web site or who may link to your web site A critical factor for search engines algorithms are links to your web site A good example of this has been the success of niche ecommerce sites who sell to clubs and organizations who have their web site link back.


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