Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tell me about Tadjemedia's logo
  • why does the menu background spin?
  • When will my targeted traffic campaign start?
  • Does my website qualify?
  • What is search engine optimization?
  • Why is search engine positioning pivotal to success in this market?
  • What's the difference between a search engine and a directory?
  • What is Pay-Per-Click?
  • What is Keyword Development?
  • Will I get to pick my own keywords?
  • How long before I start to see traffic?
  • What is a unique visitor?
  • What are common Return On Investment (ROI) metrics?
  • What is conversion rate?

  • Tell me about Tadjemedia's logo?

    Tadjemeida's logo has three prongs, one prong for each of the different types of media we develop; graphic design, time based media and interactive media. Each prong connects just as each different type of media interacts with each other.

    Why does the menu background spin?

    The background of the menu is a series of our logo connected by a twisted bar creating a twisted spine of logos. We created this to give the visual suggestion of the combined natural elements, the spine, and the mechanical, the logos. This combination as a representation of our natural creativity and our technical abilities.

    When will my targeted traffic campaign start?

    Campaigns generally start within a few hours of payment. You will receive an e-mail when your campaign begins. You will notice better search engine rankings and more web traffic within 30 days.

    Does my site qualify for targeted traffic?

    Most web sites can buy our traffic, but we do have some conditions: We will not send traffic to adult web sites, or any sites that generate non-related advertising popup windows.

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Search Engine Optimization is the back end scripting of your web site to increase the likelihood of your site being found in the natural rankings of a search engine when a relevant search query is typed into the search engine. Tadjemedia is aware search engine ranking algorithms are consistantly changing. We will adapt your web site promotion to meet current search engine ranking criteria.

    Why is search engine positioning pivotal to success in this market?

    Eighty-five percent of all Internet users home pages are set to search engines. Once submitting a search query most Internet users do not search beyond the first 30 results to find what they are looking for. Your web site needs to be ranked among the first few pages, if not your chances of drawing those Internet users to your site are unlikely.

    What's the difference between a search engine and a directory?

    Search engines such as Google, do not use people to verify submissions; they typically use automated programs often called spiders to continually crawl from link to link scanning and index the web's immense content, storing all of the content and information they discover along their path.

    Search directories, such as Yahoo Directory are edited and controlled by people. These editors have final say as to what category and description each web site within their subject-based organizational structure will have. Search directories usually only include the main page, and my not have an up to date discription of your web site.

    What is Pay-Per-Click?

    Pay-Per-Click is the process of paying for top listings within search engines. Seach engines set up the payment process by a competitive bidding process for top placement, so Tadjemedia offers a Bid Management service to help make PPC campaigns easier to maintain.

    What are Keywords and Pharses?

    Keywords and Pharses are unique words searched on the Internet search engines that are relevant to your web site. A Keyword Market is defined by the top-level or root keyword that is generally most relevant to your business. For example, If you own a bike shops, "bikes" might be the top-level keyword for your market. Top-level keywords may contain thousands of vertical keyword markets. Initial analysis on "bikes" will produce hundreds of vertical words (road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes, bicycles, etc.)

    Will I get to pick my own keywords?

    Yes, to a point. Due to search engines spidering algorithms and copyright law we do not allow any non related words or phrases or names of competitors. If you own a shoe shop, search engines will kick you off their engine if you use unrelated terms like "food". Other than that you have the final say in the keywords we will promote.

    How long before I start to see traffic?

    About a month from your approval of your Internet Marketing Campaign.

    What is a unique visitor?

    A single individual web site visitor, this is detected by IP address. Unique users are important because it is an indication of success of a web site.

    What are common Return On Investment (ROI) metrics?

    Total Cost-Per-Click - Sales Conversion Rate - Top Performing Search Phrases - Top Web site Referrers

    What is conversion rate?

    It is the relationship between visitors from a Pay-Per-Click search engine campaign to sales actions. If one person out of 100 purchases a site's product, it has a Conversion rate of 1 to 100.

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