Client History


Robbins Table Tennis is the leading ecommerce web site in table tennis table sales. It achieves this by first, a pleasing web design that is optimized for search engines and easy for user navigation. Secondly, the web site contains useful information that informs the viewer on all the products on the site so they can confidently make a decision on their purchase. Lastly, It stays number one in the search engines because it's constantly kept fresh and new using the latest technology and techniques.


I created a brochure and web site for Dr. Purmell in Jackson Michigan. Dr. Purmell uses these to show new techniques that help dental patients receive the care they need without making it a painful experience.


Rsdmt is a medical transcription company, they needed a web site to use as a sales tool to showcase their services.


PrescriptionWorks is an ecommerce prescription drug web site, that does not use spam. It's designed it for easy visitor functionality and search engine optimization, so it's easy to find in search engines and looks pleasing to the visitor.

  • KaftanCommunties

Kaftan Communities is a real estate development and management company. Kaftan needed a web site with a conservative corporate look and feel, yet also needed web sites for each of its individual communities, designed to reflect their unique style and look. These sites include, and many others.

  • Ranger Data

Ranger data is a search engine for classified listing in all major news papers. Ranger data had a logo of a ranger on a horse. I took that logo and animated it, giving life to the horse and ranger.

  • is an ecommerce web site for piano technicians. PianoTekSupply needed an online catalog for it's unique products, and they also wanted a web site that has a pleasant design and contains useful information.


I worked with channel 7 television to create a streaming video web server that continually updates it's self after each news broadcast so the visitor to the site can view a weeks worth of news shows streaming from the web site.


PhonCheck wanted to demonstrate with their into animation how to find your way through the maze of distracting information. We archived this using flash and having there text run through a labyrinth.

  • EscWeb

Escweb explored the use of flash animation on an E-commerce florist web site. The site included growing ivy, flowers and many other organic animations.

  • Total Travel Management

One of Tadj's first jobs, Total Travel Management needed cruise ads placed on their web site. I created ads linking to specials on their site.

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