CD-Rom Development

CD ROM development and mastering for business marketing is a great way for your company to show your potential clients all you have to offer. CD's have so much room for data you can place any type of materials you'd like including video, animation and much more than on a web site.

Some Examples

  • DMA Curriculum

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For the 2001-2002 school year the College for Creative Studies wanted a CD of the Digital Media and Animation departments curriculum for their recruiters to show to and give away to potential students. The CD is navigated by an animated interactive graphic interface. Included are descriptions of the courses with video of classes and interviews of instructors and students.

  • Seasonal Adrenaline Addiction

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Seasonal Adrenaline Addiction was a CD we developed to promote alpine skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. The graphic interface is based on the solar system. View videos and find the information you're looking for by clicking on the animated planets.

  • Fix That Flat

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Fix That Flat is a CD video instruction guide that uses video with voice over narrations to show basic bicycle maintenance with focus on changing a tire.

  • Body Project

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Body Project is a completely animated CD that uses a human skeleton as the interface. By Clicking on different bones and joints, animated videos show how those body parts became injured.

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