My first love is probably animation. As a child I'd watch hours and hours of cartoon on TV. Everyday after school on the UHF channels and every Saturday morning. I studied animation during college and became a master of Flash. It was great, but it was killed off by the internet it was created for. The first nail in the coffin was Google's search engine. If flash was used for any web page linking Google couldn't follow it. Then when the Iphone came out Apple said it wouldn't allow for any flash animation. Rumor has it that it was because Apple had a falling out with the software developer Macromedia. Facebook also put the block on flash. Since then Flash was bought by Adobe and they've developed a new software package called Animate.

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Some Examples


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This spinning logo was used as a screen saver. It was created in a 3D animation program and converted into a flash animation.

Pine Knob Ski Patrol

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This animation was used by the Pine Knob Ski Patrol as an entrance page to their website. It was a lot of frame by frame drawing.

Bike Air

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This short animation was created using a technique called rotoscoping, which means a lot of drawing without the help of the computer filling in between key frames.

HealthLinkDirect Logo

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HealthLinikDirect was more conservative with their use of the animation only limiting it to the logo This is a better practice for search engines..

Running Cycle

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This group of running neanderthal spear hunters was used in a educational CD Rom the hunters re supposed to be chasing a mastodon.


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This is a sample of animation with scrolling text and images fading in and out for a real estate web site. When the Internet was still new I converted a lot of apartment & condo brochures into web sites and the property owners wanted them to stand out with animation. This type of animation can new be created with css & jquiry.


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When the internet was young a website's home page was also called a splash page, similar to a magazine or comic book cover. The Idea was to get the users attention then go inside. I did several of these home page animations.

Table Construction

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This product demonstration animation was created to show the quality of the product, highlighting all the features.

Rubber sheet Sponge view

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This animation is a product demonstration shows a close up of the edge side of a ping pong paddle as the ball hits and compresses the rubber and sponge as well as the ball itself.

Forehand Drive

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This animation is a clip form a table tennis instruction guide playing at slow motion teaching a technique called the Forehand Drive. The player quickly brings their arm up from their hip to their forehead, similar to a military salute.


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This was one of my first Flash projects a navigation menu in Flash. It's kinda cute but a major SEO no-no. I kept it to show how far things have come.

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